"Made in Germany"

Stands for high-quality materials, good workmanship, functionality,

Long life as well as environmental compatibility and social justice.

This is reason enough for us to produce all the products exclusively in Germany.

Saddle Pads

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For a perfect position, each saddle pad has an incision, which is adapted to the course of the horse's back and by its anatomical shape adapts particularly well to the back line of the horse.


Our saddle pads are characterized by a very noble and high-quality design


Only the best quality fabrics are used.

Our saddle pads are softly lined to cushion light shocks during riding.

They offer the highest comfort, a fast sweat absorption and the best breathing activity.


All products are easy to clean and suitable for everyday use as well as for tournaments.

Our saddle pads can be put into washing wax machine at 30 ° C.

However, please do not use fabric softener and do not dry in tumbler.


** Please be aware that there may be minor variations in color compared to the pictures